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Prilep was founded on the ruins of the ancient city of Styberra, first a town in Macedon and later incorporated into the Roman Empire. Styberra, though razed by the Goths in 268, remained partly inhabited. The town was first mentioned as Prilep in 1014, as the place where Tsar Samuil allegedly had a heart attack upon seeing thousands of his soldiers had been blinded by the Byzantines after the Battle of Kleidion. It was then retaken by the Second Bulgarian Empire until it was conquered by the Ottomans.

Population 76,587 Hotels Attractions
Area 1.568sq km sq km Pension Breza
Kristal Palas
Sv.Blagoveshtenie Church
Markovi Kuli Fortress
Holy Archangels Monastery
St.Nikola Church
Language Macedonian
Dialing Code +389
Currency Denars (MKD)
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What is most striking about Prilep is the strange bare scenery with huge rocks scattered around. The city is nestled below a bare hill. On the top of the hill, ruins of a medieval fortress stand. All around the city are tobacco fields, and if one visits the city in late summer or fall, one will see tobacco drying everywhere he turns. What is unique about Prilep is the strange sense of humor its inhabitants have and the way they preserved their traditional way of life. Near Prilep is Mariovo Region, one of the most untouched regions of Macedonia, with small half deserted villages scattered in untouched nature.
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